CONDOR SERIES: High Speed Ethernet Modem/Gateway: 400-480MHz, 10mW-10W, 140kbps, I/O = (2)DI/O, DNP3 Capable, (1) USB Cable.


415U-E-C wireless Ethernet gateway - Data Sheet



New! Condor Series Ultra-Long Range Ethernet for Reliable Connectivity

ELPRO is proud to announce the release of the CONDOR SERIES line of high speed licensed radio telemetry products. The Condor Series Ethernet Modem & Gateway variant improves on the Ethernet modem product line by significantly increasing the data throughput to an industry-leading 140kbps at 25kHz channel in licensed and licence free applications (with compression). The Condor Series products come in four easy-to-select frequency bands:

  • 148MHz – 174MHz,
  • 340MHz – 400MHz,
  • 400MHz – 480Mhz,
  • 470MHz – 520MHz.
  • 894MHz – 960MHz

With up to 10W transmit power, an improved configuration software for seamless network setups, and advanced cybersecurity features that meet the most stringent standards.