Integra NEMA Enclosures

Integra Enclosures manufactures and markets engineered thermoplastic electrical enclosures designed for use in electrical construction, water treatment, wireless, solar, car wash, telecommunication, instrumentation, utility, machine building, HVAC, or any other application requiring enclosures which are non-corrosive, non-conductive, easy to install and modify, and competitively priced. Learn more about NEMA Enclosure Types

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 High impact durability, sizes:

6X6, 8X6,10X8

 Wide variety of sizes:

6X6 -18X16 

 Largest NEMA 4x 24X24X10

Polycarbonate enclosure



Your enclosure may be free-standing, attached to a wall or attached to a pole. Integra has enclosure accessories that provide feet for a free-standing enclosure or flanges for wall-mounting, as well as complete kits for pole-mounting. By purchasing these enclosure accessories, you can be sure that you’ll have hardware designed to work with your specific enclosure. Your personnel will spend less time on installation by not having to troubleshoot mounting problems.An enclosure will best do its job of protecting electronic equipment if the contents are properly organized and secured. Integra makes it easy with accessories such as back panels and swing out panels available in a variety of material, cord grips to organize wiring, DIN rails in a variety of sizes, and extra parts such as rail stiffeners and screws so you’ll always have the parts you need to finish the job right.

Back Panels - Pole Mtg Kits - Back Pnl Adj - Fan Kits - Hardware - Swing Panel Kits



    Mechanical and Thermal

  • Instrumented Dart Impact = 565 in-lb. (Tested at 73°F)
  • Falling Ball Impact = 900 in/lb. (Test Spec. UL-746, at 73°F)
  • Deflection Temperature = @264 psi (Test Spec. ASTM D648 270°F)
  • Modulus of Elasticity = 340 ksi (Test Spec. ASTM D790)
  • Temperature Range = -40 to 265 °F

    Flammable/UV Ratings

  • Flame Rating = UL, 5VA. (Test Spec. UL-94)
  • Outdoor UV Exposure = F1. (Test Spec UL)

    3rd Party Approvals

  • UL-50/c-UL Type 4X/6P Listed (file #E207562)
  • IP 66/68